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Name:The Anything Goes School of Dressing Room RP
Posting Access:All Members

- Have fun and be excellent to each other.

- IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT SOMETHING, TALK TO EACH OTHER! Or talk to a mod. Either works. Please do not feel you cannot speak. We have an OOC comm, [community profile] dontstopbelieving, to provide a space for all avenues of discussion you might feel most comfortable with.

- Don't godmode! If two characters come in conflict be considerate of the other player. See above, re: TALK TO EACH OTHER! This is a dressing room, not a message board thread about who could take who in a fight, and the only person who can restrict what your character is capable of ability-wise is you. Use sound judgment.

- Canon characters, AU versions of canon characters, original characters from a canon, and original characters not belonging to anything but their own player are all welcome.

- This is not the place to get in a flamewar over fidelity-to-canon, but this will be an accessibility-friendly place. Things a mod will not be interested in hearing as a complaint: "I disagree with so-and-so's interpretation of such-and-such and I don't like them!" Things a mod will be interested in hearing: "Someone is disrespecting my request not to do something because it's hurtful to me!"

- Adult situations and content are allowed so long as they are labeled with appropriate content notes; if you aren't sure how best to label such things, see here.

- At various times there may be special events. All events are opt-in only; you will never be forced to participate in a situation you do not like, and if you feel like that's a possibility please tell a mod. On holidays there will be holiday-specific events; the rest are just for the heck of it and heavily influenced by the camp effects found at CFUD.

- The tag structure we use looks like this: "canon: [insert name here, without brackets]", "char: [insert character name here, without brackets]", and all location tags should be prefixed with a "!" such as "!caverns", "!city", "!countryside", "!village", etc. Event posts will be labeled "`event: [insert event here]". Mod posts will be tagged "*modpost", when/if needed. For original canons, the format is "canon: original"; for notably AU versions of a character from a specific canon, the format is "char: [insert character name] [insert au name/number]". Please be aware the tag limit is only 60 characters and if you need to shorten part of the tag we would prefer you err on the side of coherence/consistency - as an example, if you are playing Estellise Sidos Heurassen from Tales of Vesperia, nobody's expecting her full name in the tag - a simple "estelle!commoner" or "estelle heurassen" will do. We want to include these options for ease of player browsing/comprehension - in case they want to find something or someone specific in the archive, this will make it easier for them to know where to look.

A fully-labeled tag list for a post as you make it, then, might look like this:
!countryside, ~event: truth, canon: tales of symphonia, character: colette!angel
If you want your character to be doing something in the original post that isn't area-defined or simply don't have a preference, however, you can leave the location tag off your post and let people responding to it fill in the tags corresponding to their character's location if they'd like.

- Last but not least, there may be a more defined setting section later, but for now: WELCOME TO GHIBLI HILLS. Off in the distance is a sparkling and remarkably clean-looking modernized generic supercity to explore/buy stuff in if that is your characters' thing; there are no inhabitants, BUT THERE ARE HELPFUL ROBOTS. The housing styles and accomodations found in both the countryside and the city are eclectic and you can probably find something for just about everybody, although in the city the robots may demand you pay first. There may be underground caverns around. Somewhere. If your character likes to fight there may be monsters. Some of these monsters are RPG-style monsters that drop money and other helpful items. If you don't want monsters then there won't be monsters. That should be enough guidelines setting-wise to give you some room to invent without overly-defining the place, yes?

- Your mods are [personal profile] eisen, [personal profile] inarticulate, and [personal profile] aircrash - please use Dreamwidth's Private Message function or (where applicable) the contact info provided in our profiles to reach us with any concerns you might have.
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