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[near the cities, should you pass by, there's an… oddly dressed… woman surveying the area-- and specifically a robot-- with one hand on her hip, frowning.]

This world is very strange indeed. How does this function?
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[An adorable girl carrying a really large gun case is staring down a """helpful""" robot right now.

In a word, unimpressed.

In several words she definitely seems to be sizing it up and finding it more than a little lacking.]
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[if you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise!

…well, no, not really, just a demon sitting on a stone wall, kicking idly at thin air.]

I'd keep your distance, if I were you.
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-here's a lost beastie. Not really a beastie. The thin man looks around and squints at the bright and shining sun. He raises his hand to blcok out the bright rays before taking in his surroundings. Maybe he can ask for directions-

E-excuse me.
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[What a lovely day in this dressing room! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, a strangely solid yandere headmonster is wandering floating around searching for something… Wait… Wait, no, that last one might not be so good. Especially if you venture close enough for zir to grab you.]

You. What did you do with my Judai? Why can't I feel him?
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[So, there are robots in the city areas of this sandbox, right? Well. One of the robots, in the form of a young child-- he has black ball joints, despite his humanoid shape and hair-- seems to be… malfunctioning, perhaps? He's sitting in your path, wherever you are, and appears to be stacking wooden blocks.]
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[on a grassy hill overlooking a scattering of (probably) empty houses, there sits a teenage Silverberg.]

Well, isn't this wonderful.
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[ there is a child skipping down the street, with a plush tiger in hand; she sings loudly, not quite producing any proper tune—but unmindful of it anyway. ]

Sei-chan-! Dai-chan-! Lifts me high, high! Ki-chan-! Shin-chan-! Every morning, Oha A~sa! Mukkun, sweets! Candy, candy! O- ya- ko- ro-!

[ she slows to a stop by a fallen robot, peering at it curiously for a few moments, before placing her free hand on the robot; she begins to climb it, with a bit of a struggle. ]
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Woah~ sorry, sorry! My bad!
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[ SOME DWEEB is sitting on an overturned robot. He's playing a game on his cellphone but next to him is a gym bag with tennis shoes and a volleyball.

Clearly you should bother him :u ]
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[Who are you? Where are you going? If you're heading anywhere outside of city limits, away from crowds, you might find yourself with a monster in your path. It's a large monster, about twice the size of a regular human, with long spiked arms and spiky featherlike protrusions. A third of its face looks like raw red muscle, while the other two thirds resemble nothing more than a painted wooden mask with no mouth.

It doesn't appear to be attacking… yet.]
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[who wants to say hi to a skinny demon in puffy pants sitting on a tree branch and looking down as the world passes by? probably not you. (but come say hi anyway.)]

Well, well, well… Hello there. I must say, this comes as a bit of a surprise.
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[ sure is an adorable little girl standing in a pile of monster corpse tossing a few coins in the air ]

What the fuck is this shit? Seriously.
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[It's a party! And why are you here? How are you here? Who knows! Maybe you've been to Ghibli Hills before. Maybe you live here. Maybe you were pulled in by a random act of RP. Maybe all of the above or none of the above!

In any case, the party is taking place in a mansion, though who knows who the host is. There doesn't seem to be anybody in charge. There's a large ballroom where music for all types of dances is being played, as well as a quiet social space with lots of couches and pillows and a soft rug. There are also various other rooms of all sorts.

In every single room, there are various foods laid out on a side table. If you can think of it, you can find it somewhere. And in addition to the food, there are four drinks available…

1) is water, in clear plastic cups. It's perfectly normal.
2) is a sweet beverage that tastes a bit like sugared berries. Drinking this will give you a mildly elevated sense of happiness.
3) is a thick, chocolate-y drink with a small, bitter aftertaste. Drinking this will lower your inhibitions.
4) is a very mild sour/bitter drink. Drinking this will negate the effects of 2) or 3) and have no effect otherwise. In essence, this can be used to sober up.

Meet, greet, party, dance, have fun!]
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[You see this sticker?

It's stuck to you. And it's not coming off. Worst of all, someone seems to have filled in the blank space with some kind of identifying information. It might even be information you'd rather not have on a sticker on full display. In fact, it probably is! Have fun with that.]


Mar. 2nd, 2012 06:02 pm
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[So how's that weather? That weather is a quite sudden downpour of rain… but if you're outside, you're in luck! There's a large tarp set up for people to take shelter underneath. How convenient!

But unless you're willing to risk a long walk in freezing rain, you're stuck with whoever's under the tarp with you. Maybe you're new, maybe you're old hat, maybe you're just visiting from elsewhere, but, hey. You might as well find some way to entertain yourself.]
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[in the countryside, there is a young man with silver hair picking himself up off the ground.]

You--! Er, whoever you are. You will not get away with treating this Pierre de Chaltier like this! And… Where am I?!
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[So there's a girl.

... and her head suddenly turns into a jack-o-lantern.

She seems oddly unaffected by this development.]

Ah... that time... of the year?

[Some robots have been very busy nearby, setting up festive tents and tables. Now that darkness has begun to fall, the tents are lit cheerily from within by colored lights and lanterns. Inside are tables laden with the kind of food you'd expect at any Halloween party: blood-red punch, candy galore, ~*~scarily~*~ decorated cupcakes, chex mix, finger sandwiches designed to look like actual fingers, etc. Unseen speakers might be playing things like The Monster Mash and One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater.]

((Halloween mingle! Your character may find themselves wearing a suitable Halloween costume. Or, perhaps, a costume is not enough and they've actually transformed into vampire/ghost/alien/fairy princess for the duration of the post, if that's what floats your boat. Alternately, they just might be a little more willing to give into their darker impulses. Basically, if it's at all Halloween-ish, go for it! ACTUALLY, EVEN IF IT'S NOT, GO FOR IT. FLY FREE, FREE AS A BIRD~))
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Welcome to Ghibli Hills Dressing Room Event Meme

In this post: meet new friends. (If you need a code to make a character journal, try this post.)

> Post with a character-- you might want to introduce them by name, canon, and AU if applicable in your comment title.
> Tag around! Tag canonmates, tag people from canons you've never heard of, tag original characters. Do what you want and have fun.
> If you're having a hard time thinking of hooks, feel free to use one of these:

1. The sign you cannot remove. Your character has somehow acquired a mysterious sign that cannot be removed by any means-- until the post is over, or until you get tired of it. Suggestions include, "Will sell soul for [a new laptop]", "Ask me about [that one time in band camp]", "Needs [a hug]."

2. The helper. A robot has come up to you and very politely insisted that you help other people! Whether you have the best disposition for it or the worst, you've been chosen to go around making sure people are happy and comfortable and well-fed… and have possible been given a box of ultra-bland nutritional bars to assist in this task.

3. The clubhouse. Everyone wants to belong, right? There are some tables set up with brochures advertising clubs with bizarre titles like "The Died Multiple Times Club" and the "Experimented On As A Child Club" alongside the more mundane "Handicrafts Club," etc. Which one is your eye drawn to? Which one are you avoiding?

If none of these sound appealing, tag around with your own ideas!


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